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About Us

Established in 1984, PPA is a full-service advertising and digital marketing agency providing clients with creative and cost-effective marketing and promotional solutions. We are a trusted vendor-partner who champions the success of our individual clients, their organizations and their causes.

We’re a no-fluff, straightforward, honest, proven, hard-working agency that knows our business is to serve our clients, not the other way around. We know how to get projects done quickly, accurately and efficiently. We quote every project up-front so there are never any surprises. And, typically, our fees are significantly less than other full-service agencies.

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, PPA is your partner to make it happen.

About the Giraffe

Occasionally, we close the office for a team building adventure. We call it a “PPA Fun Day.” In October 2017, the PPA crew took a trip to The Wilds.

PPA gives The Wilds 
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It all started with a full-service advertising agency that eliminated time consuming layers

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Our History

In 1984, Grant Pedigo and Perry Passen formed a full-service advertising agency based in Columbus, Ohio. Operated as Pedigo, Passen & Associates, we offered graphic design, copywriting, account management, photography, public relations, media buying, print brokering services.

Unlike other central Ohio ad agencies, Perry and Grant worked directly with clients, eliminating the account services layer. Clients appreciated this innovative approach that significantly reduced timelines and costs.

Expanding to include digital, content marketing and SEO strategies into our mix
In 2007, the name changed to PPA Graphics to more fully represent our scope of services. As technology streamlined the delivery of information, we added website design and development, video production, digital content marketing, social media strategy and search engine optimization services.

Becoming less “Graphic”
In late 2017, the name changed once again, this time dropping “Graphics” from the name. Why? Why not! In reality, many clients only reference the agency as “PPA,” and once again, we wanted a name that better defined our services.

Welcome to PPA // An advertising and digital marketing agency

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