About PPA

You’re probably asking, “What does feeding a giraffe have to do with an advertising and digital marketing agency?” Absolutely nothing, but we’re glad you asked.

About Us

From day one, PPA has conducted business by adhering to the philosophies and Christian values developed by founding partners Perry Passen and Grant Pedigo. This doesn’t mean we are trying to convert every soul that walks through the door, but we do serve every soul that walks through the door to the best of our God-given abilities. PPA does whatever it takes to ensure every project is completed on time and to the full satisfaction of the client, while always staying within budget and never exceeding an estimate.

Like our logo, our brand is black and white. When you work with PPA, you’ll find no gray areas – no hidden costs, no layers. When you receive a quote, expect that same price to appear on your invoice. When you call our office, expect to speak directly with the creative team member assigned to your project or account.

It’s a simple formula that has resulted in many long lasting, solid working relationships with clients; relationships built on trust, honesty, hard work and mutual respect. If this sounds like the type of relationship you have been looking for in an agency, it’s time for you to contact PPA.

About the Giraffe

PPA went wild October 27, 2017 at The Wilds

Occasionally, we close the office for a team building adventure. We call it a “PPA Fun Day.” In October 2017, the PPA crew took a trip to The Wilds.

PPA gives The Wilds 
See more photos here.

It all started with a full-service advertising agency that eliminated time consuming layers

Our History

In 1984, Grant Pedigo and Perry Passen formed a full-service advertising agency based in Columbus, Ohio. Operated as Pedigo, Passen & Associates, we offered graphic design, copywriting, account management, photography, public relations, media buying and print brokering services.

Unlike other central Ohio ad agencies, Perry and Grant worked directly with clients, eliminating the account services layer. Clients appreciated this innovative approach that significantly reduced timelines and costs.

Expanding to include digital, content marketing and SEO strategies into our mix
In 2007, the name changed to PPA Graphics to more fully represent our scope of services. As technology streamlined the delivery of information, we added website design and development, video production, digital content marketing, social media strategy and search engine optimization services.

Becoming less “Graphic”
In late 2017, the name changed once again, this time dropping “Graphics” from the name. Why? Why not! In reality, many clients only reference the agency as “PPA,” and once again, we wanted a name that better defined our services.

Welcome to PPA // An advertising and digital marketing agency

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