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An Agency of Jugglers Quickly Adapts to Your Needs

By PPA Staff

Oct 8, 2020 8:45:00 AM

An Agency of Jugglers Quickly Adapts to Your Needs | PPA

What is an agency without a few master jugglers?

No, we’re not talking about circus clowns. We’re referring to the type of people who seem to be able to bounce from project to project, handling things effectively with swiftness and precision.

They are master jugglers.

What makes these rare few so precious? What traits do they possess that the rest do not?

The answer is that they are able to put themselves in the mindset of a client and deliver accordingly.

Is Your Client Tied to a Single Representative?

Many agencies assign a specific person or team to one account. If that person or team is unavailable, that client is going to have difficulty launching a new project or dealing with any unexpected issues.

Clients can get frustrated when they are dependent on one person in the organization to execute ideas. Sometimes, that person will be unavailable and it is unfair to expect the client to be patient after paying your agency for a service. Everyone likes to feel they have choices and freedom. When many people within the organization offer a point of contact for the client, the client feels their time is respected and free to communicate with whichever team member they can, as they see fit.

When a client is displeased, the agency needs damage control. That’s why a single representative or team assigned to a client can create real problems for the agency. When things don’t go according to plan, the people scrambling to pick up the pieces will have little to no familiarity with the account. This can cause poor results, damage client relationships and result in a loss of business.

A simple, but effective, solution is to make sure your agency is stocked with jugglers, ready and able to bounce in at a moment’s notice to pick up any slack. At PPA, we don’t follow the single-representative-per-client model.

PPA Is a Team of Jugglers

With PPA, clients have access to a team of people who are familiar with their brand, guidelines and culture. If the need arises, skilled teams can go through past work and jump right onto a project.

Clients shouldn’t have to go through an account manager or executive to get something done. They should have direct access to the skilled professional who is working on their project. By structuring our agency this way, we are able to capitalize on the following benefits:

  • Rush projects are a specialty of ours. This means we always have available manpower.
  • Our clients have direct access to our pool of talent, which simplifies communication.
  • Our ability to serve is greatly improved, as we’re able to reduce our client’s budget, limit missed deadlines and avoid misunderstandings.

This is very different from most agencies! Unfortunately, at most agencies, clients do not have access to the team or person who is working on their project. This causes needless grief on both the part of the client and the agency staff.

Need a Seamless Extension of Your Marketing Team?

PPA completes more than 1,000 jobs a year. There is simply no way that we would be able to do this with a traditional agency structure. By having all hands on deck for all of our clients, at all times, we are able to deliver outstanding results and serve many more clients.

See what it’s like to work with a marketing team that’s an extension of your own – that’s us! Call Perry at (614) 837-1998 to start the conversation.



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