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PPA By The Numbers

By PPA Staff

Jul 20, 2021 2:56:08 PM

PPA by the Numbers | PPA Agency

This month, we opened our 43,000 project ticket. That means that since PPA Agency was founded 37 years ago, we've had the pleasure of working on 43,000 unique projects. This milestone inspired us to take a look back at just how much we've accomplished and how our company has grown.

To understand just how far we've come, we looked back at where we've been.

Let's take it from the top

In 1984, Grant Pedigo and Perry Passen formed a full-service traditional advertising agency known as Pedigo, Passen & Associates.

By 2007, times they were a'changing (and so were we). As technology advanced and the world wide web became more important to businesses and everyday people, our team's skillsets grew and adapted. Our service offering expanded to include website design and development, video production, digital content marketing, social media strategy and search engine optimization services. We changed our name to PPA Graphics in order to better represent the scope of our services.

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

In 2017, we decided to drop “Graphics” from our name. This re-brand felt like "us" and felt more representative of the full gamut of services that we had grown to offer. Now, our team is full of talented individuals who range from graphic designers and web developers to social media experts and content strategists. We've worked on over 43,000 projects that have ranged from traditional advertising jobs to fully-fleshed out digital marketing campaigns (and everything in between).

PPA by the numbers

In our 37 years, we've had the pleasure of partnering with 500+ unique clients. Some clients have been with us for over 35 years, growing and changing just as we have, and some are new clients growing with us. No matter what, our dedication to serving each client's project remains the same, regardless of the job. Check out more PPA jobs by the numbers:

  • 100+ websites developed

  • 300+ logos/brands created

  • 1,000+ PPT slide decks built

  • 3,500+ ads designed

  • 7,500+ brochures created

  • 10,000+ fliers created

Out of all of these stats, we only care about one number: zero. That's right. In 37 years and 43,000 jobs, we've had zero projects go over budget. To us, that means that our clients can count on us to get the job done and get it done right.

Thank you for trusting us over the years, we look forward to what the next 43,000 projects will bring.

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