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The Importance of Video in Website Conversions

By PPA Staff

Jun 8, 2020 10:15:00 AM

The Power of Video in Website Conversions | PPA

Want to gain more customers? Get video.

Dubbed “efficient” and “convenient” for consumers, there is a myriad of reasons why video needs to be a part of today’s digital marketing campaign. Video content is both engaging and cost-effective to produce. It offers education, information and entertainment in short, digestible snippets. If content is king, video content reigns supreme.

While television ads used to be the go-to method of advertising, the digital age calls for a medium that is decidedly more personal and sophisticated. According to Wyzowl, 63 percent of businesses now use video content as a form of marketing. Of that 63 percent, 82 percent believe video marketing is a vital portion of their ongoing marketing strategy.

Statistics show that 83 percent of businesses think video marketing provides a superior ROI. Are you unsure whether video marketing is the best way to promote your product? Here’s why you should take full advantage of this highly useful marketing method and how to effectively utilize video as part of your digital marketing strategy.

The Lowdown on Video Marketing

Video content is rapidly progressing and more economical than ever to produce. It’s more than a talking head on a neutral background. This medium can be used to promote your brand, increase sales and build relationships with your customers. From highlighting customer testimonials to delivering content that is more likely to go viral, video marketing is the wave of the future, today.

One reason video has finally come of age is the technological advancements that allow for speedier, more efficient displays of content. With the online noise consumers must decipher today, quality video is one way to break the mold and stand out from the crowd. It’s no wonder Smart Insights found that 83 percent of people believe video marketing is becoming more critical.

Benefits of Video Marketing

If you are still on the fence about incorporating video into your next marketing campaign, consider these stats:

53 percent of customers that watch a video will engage with the brandSmart Insights

More than 80 percent of online traffic will consist of video by 2021 Digital Marketing Institute

144 percent of visitors to a website were more likely to buy after watching a video Neil Patel

81 percent of companies are now using video in their campaign strategies Digital Marketing Institute

Open rates increased by 19 percent when “video” was included in the subject line Social Media Today

Beyond the numbers, there are other potential benefits of adding video to your website or marketing strategy.

1. Video Builds Trust

Trust is the very base of conversions and sales, so the fact that video content builds it is no small fact. When you post a piece of video content, you’re not doing a hard sell; you are simply sharing an interesting video. Through that video you can build excitement so that your customer comes to you, rather than you having to go to your customer.

2. Video Evokes an Emotional Response

Video content not only engages consumers but also ignites their emotions. This is a top reason video is one of the most powerful forms of social media content. Many consumers don’t feel comfortable buying online, but when they see a video about a product or service, that attitude often changes. Video content allows a consumer to fully see a product and gain a better understanding of what it is and how it works.

3. Google Loves Video

If you want your website to move up in the rankings, you need Google to be your friend. Luckily, Google loves video content. Video lengthens the time visitors spend on your site, which signals Google that your content quality is high. According to Moovly, your website is 53x more likely to rank higher in Google if your website has embedded video. As Google also owns YouTube, videos on this medium are also great content to incorporate.

4. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Studies have shown that 90 percent of consumers watch video content on their smartphones rather than on PCs or laptops. With YouTube reporting those numbers for the past few years, mobile video consumption has risen by 100 percent every year.

5. Video Explains Things Quickly

Consumers are busy, which means they don’t always have time to read an entire blog post about a new product or service. Most do have time to watch a 30-second video that provides the same information. Studies demonstrate that 98 percent of users say they would watch an explainer video to learn more about a new product or service. Of the 45 percent of businesses that use explainer videos on their website, 83 percent believe their homepage video is highly effective.

Options in Video Marketing

Video marketing is a diverse technique that can be incorporated in different ways to produce the best response. Some of your options in video marketing might include:

1. Brand Videos

Used as a piece of the larger marketing puzzle, brand videos provide insight into the bigger picture. The goal is to increase awareness and understanding of your brand. Use these videos to reveal your company’s mission and vision, while introducing some of your products and services.

2. Demo Videos

Demo videos show how your product or service works. As mentioned before, those short videos may be more likely to get watched than a lengthier blog might be read. These videos also allow prospective customers to see your product in action, which builds trust and boosts sales.

3. Expert Interviews

Build social proof into your product with expert interviews with internal experts or thought leaders in your industry. Find the influencers in your niche, whether they share your point-of-view or not, and get these discussions in front of your audience.

4. Explainer Videos

These videos sum up the benefits of your product for consumers in a concise and entertaining visual display. This is an ideal opportunity to create a buyer’s journey that customers can relate to on a personal level.

5. Educational Videos

Most people love learning something new, especially if they think it will give them the chance to pose as an expert to their peers. The information provided also can give customers a foundation for understanding your product or service more effectively.

6. Customer Testimonials

While you can type customer testimonials onto your website for other customers to read, the information becomes even more powerful in video format. Happy customers are your best advocates and when you get them behind a camera describing your product, it can be very effective.

7. Event Videos

If your company is hosting an event like a fundraiser or conference, go public by adding a video of the event to your site. An interesting highlight reel or an interview or presentation can evoke a powerful response from some customers.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of video marketing opportunities. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your videos to give customers additional insight into your product or company. The act of engaging with this medium is highly effective in motivating customers, no matter what the purpose behind the video might be.

Tips for Creating Videos That Rock

Maybe now you are convinced that you need to integrate video into your overall marketing strategy. How do you start? Keep in mind that quality is paramount to effective video, so don’t skimp on the production process. With that in mind, follow these tips:

● Organic videos tend to get the most engagement

● Interesting, unique and exciting videos usually get the most attention. For examples, check out some well-known beauty brands. These companies often use this type of video content to their advantage.

● Tell your stories using this impactful visual aid. Storytelling has become a mainstay in marketing today and video is tailored beautifully for this strategy.

● Engage your audience with content that is narrative, insightful and interesting. Give them something they can relate to so you can hook your audience.

● Consider the length of your video. The general rule of thumb when creating this content is the shorter the better. As you edit your footage, cut out everything that is extraneous, keeping in mind the attention span of your audience will be short.

● Keep production costs down by filming and editing using smartphone apps. Many of these look just as polished and professional as traditional editing software. However, they are designed to be used at any location, so you can create and post content faster.

Once your videos are created, where do you post them? We have two great locations:

Social Media

By 2018, social media was all about video content. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram now have features that allow users to share different types of content, including disappearing stories. Social media is highly valuable because users know they may have a limited time to view it.

Your Website

Sharing video content on your website is also highly beneficial since it has been shown to boost conversion rates and increase sales. When the content is also shared on your website, you can extend your company’s reach and introduce your brand to a wider audience.

Make sure your video content gets the results you want by enlisting our professional services. Contact PPA Agency today or call (614) 837-1998 to find out how we can help you make the most of your video marketing.



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