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The Real Value of a Copywriter

By PPA Staff

Jan 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Real Value of a Copywriter

Sometimes, hiring a copywriter can be difficult.

Each brand has its own voice and style. It might seem to make sense that you are the authority on your brand, so you should be in charge of delivering your own message.

After all, who knows your brand voice better than you?

Professional copywriters might not know your business as well as you do, but what they do know is how to take your message and deliver it to your target market.

While you may have plenty of great ideas about what to write about, you probably aren’t well equipped to deliver your message in a way that is easily accessible to your target market.

Everybody has his or her own ideas and unique ways of expressing them on paper. However, not everyone is a professional copywriter.

Keep Your Personal Preferences Out of It

Creating copy for your business requires a very specific skill set that takes most people years to hone. It’s not just about writing pretty prose. Rather, it’s about taking on the mindset of a target market and translating the brand’s message in a relatable way.

Now you may be thinking: I’m more of an expert in my industry than a copywriter! However, the copywriter is an expert at delivering messages with specific, intended purpose. You, likely, are not.

For example, there are specific ways to craft a message in order to persuade people to actions that are particular to each advertising vehicle. Copywriting for a website is very different than copywriting for social media, a brochure or for an advertisement. Unless you fully understand the nuances, you won’t understand why copy is produced a certain way.

Conversely, a professional copywriter is trained to produce the absolute best results. They have specific goals in mind when they craft a piece of writing, and those goals relate to the intended medium.

Unfortunately, copy that is written for a certain vehicle is often altered by clients who don’t understand the medium but want to inject their personal style preferences into the writing. This makes the copy less effective and jeopardizes the message reaching the target consumer.

When it Comes to Copy, Trust the Professionals

When clients receive a piece of copy written by a professional, they sometimes feel the need to make adjustments. This can dilute the original message and diminish its effectiveness. Sending copy back for countless revisions or attempting to make the revisions yourself is often counterproductive because it changes the intent of the writing.

After you consult with an agency or copywriter about your specific needs, it is best to allow the writer the freedom to create copy within your brand standards. Writers want and need input from clients in order to create effective results. They should know what information is necessary to include and what information is irrelevant for your desired outcome.

Do You Need A Copywriter?

The agency’s job is to make the client’s job easier. This means delivering results.

However, agencies do need input from clients on content. Agencies and clients need to remember to prioritize results. That means keeping style preferences out of the equation and trusting that those hired will get the desired results.


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