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Timelines Are Not Just for the Agency

By PPA Staff

Mar 10, 2020 11:08:00 AM

Timelines Are Not Just for the Agency

The marketing industry is fast-paced and dynamic.

That’s why realistic timelines are necessary for a successful project.

At the beginning of each assignment, a deadline for the project’s completion should always be set. Then, a realistic timeline can be planned out by working backward from that deadline.

However, just because a project has been given a determined deadline, it doesn’t mean the project will be completed by that time. Care and thought have to be invested in order to create a meaningful timeline that allows both the agency and the client to properly complete all aspects of the project.

Sometimes, the Agency Needs to Push the Client

Complicated projects with multiple interchanging elements are common in advertising.

Projects like these, such as launching a campaign or building a website, are often very time-sensitive. In order for the process to be smooth, it’s imperative for the agency to drive it. This means that the agency is responsible for drafting a timeline and ensuring that all stakeholders are working toward the completion of each part.

If the timeline is not met from the client’s side, the agency must make every effort to let the client know how the delay affects the overall project. The logic behind this is to keep everyone accountable for their assigned roles so that the agency is able to deliver by the specified deadline. If, as the deadline approaches, the agency is not able to deliver, the client should not be surprised by the delay.

That’s why it’s important to over-communicate. It’s the responsibility of the agency to keep everyone well informed of what’s been going on, so everyone always has a view of the big picture and can see how their part fits in.

Setting and enforcing timelines are meant to reduce stress, not increase it. While many agencies go as far as setting a timeline, a majority fall short when it comes to enforcing it or communicating when things seem to be heading south.

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

When things don’t go according to plan, a skilled agency can make up for lost time. For example, if an agency requests some documents from a client in order to proceed with a project, and the client is unable to produce the documents by the agreed upon date, it’s important to keep the agency informed about what’s going on.

With advanced notice, the agency can usually compensate for any delays by moving ahead with other parts of the project, using placeholders for any missing pieces. However, if the client is not forthcoming with any difficulties they are experiencing, that can seriously catch the agency off guard and derail a project.

Despite of all parties’ best efforts, at times, unforeseen things can happen. Things can shift, and everyone understands that this is a fact of life. That’s why proper communication is so important to help mitigate any damages associated with unforeseen derailment. Timelines can be adjusted when it’s appropriate to do so, and that is not the worst thing in the world.

Hire the Right Agency for the Job

When you are working under pressure and need an agency to step in and help complete a project, it’s imperative to work with the right agency. At PPA, we have over years of experience successfully serving clients from start to finish.

Our team is skilled at navigating complicated projects and delivering on deadlines. Make sure that the agency you hire exhibits excellent communication right from the start, as this is an indication of how they will treat your project. Don’t leave your important project to chance!

Want to avoid surprises? Contact us! Call PPA, the experts at getting the job done on time, at (614) 837-1998.



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